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An event to communicate
Introduce a new product, celebrate the anniversary of a company, organize an event, plan a press conference, are important moments to organize meticulously and organize them means not only "invite", host to be remembered, it means -especially- to consolidate relationship with the various public to whom  the company refers: the employees, customers, suppliers, the prescribers of its products, the opinion leaders and journalists.
Important is of course, the choice of the "Location": the place to be put in place, where to receive and display or where to celebrate, must be comfortable, to make feel at their ease and not intimidated all the guests.
The event is divided in at least “seven moments”, all of them important: to Host, to Offer, to Reward, to Entertain, to Celebrate, to Show, to Communicate.
Starting with the invitation, the arrival and the hospitality of the guests until their departure, we must treat all the guests trying not only to satisfy their expectations, but in some way-also to surprise them in order to be remembered.
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Giovanni RASPINI inaugurated the Boutique in Rome

In via Margutta, a shop of projected Giovanni Raspini and realized for silver, charms and jewels.
Giovanni Raspini, feast for the 35° Anniversary

SALUS PER AQUAM: spa & silver at the Thermal Baths of S. GIOVANNI. A cheerful feast in the warm waters of Rapolano Terme (Siena)
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