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EDITORIAL PR and Press Office.
Pierluigi Bacci & Associates is an office of consultation and PR communication, specialized in the field of furniture and fashion accessories, that since  1984 offers flexible services that range from Press Agency to Editorial PR, from the organization of happenings till the presentation of new products, from the concept of instruments and means of communication (catalog, coordinated image, house organ) till the advertising planning.

The difficult task is not to communicate, but to understand what and to whom to communicate.

“The efficiency of our profession as Editorial PR can not be measured on the basis of the width of a smile but by  exchanging  information, images and symbols. A daily work of creativity, organization and management that allows communication to be targeted, not generic.
We plan communication actions and events that tend to enhance the mark in view of specific targets and we promote Press Relation actions and Press Agency that aim to be the  bridge between the company and journalists, that in their turn will be the liaison between the magazine and readers.
A “rationalisation of  the emotion” that passes through the concept of made to measure instruments and through the diffusion of short, concise, essential releases: information supported by good pictures, favouring the concept of each newspaper, knowing that the attention can be obtained only through an intelligent selection of topics and products.
We like to communicate news, describe products, make goals  that have been reached and goals that have still to be reached known but above all we love to tell and transmit emotions.
A company is not just made up of  figures, catalogues, products but also of knowledge, skill, competence, work. And behind everything, in any company, there are people, ideas, dreams.
We are all more vulnerable when we abandon ourselves to imagination, living a dream through the turmoil of emotions.
If this spark illuminates our interlocutor, certainly the message will “spread far and wide”.
All jewels by Giovanni Raspini on this page of GRAZIA
All jeweled with necklace, earrings, ring and bracelets Giovannim Raspini, on the special GRAZIA GIOIELLI released in November

MARIE CLAIRE KOREA, loves Wally Maggese
A fragrance of Wally's "Maggese" Tuscan tradition, with spring in a bottle: fresh, green and floral notes, is among the protagonists of the Marie Claire's Korean edition.

On Sale & Pepe magazine of April, Claudio Pistocchi preparing an Easter egg and other amazing specialitàcome mousse Torta Pistocchi. A world of sweetness of the famous Florentine chocolatier, for readers and readers Sale & Pepe.

The Egg by Novità Home, swings in the GARDEN of COSE di CASA

The Egg by Novità Home, swings in the GARDEN of COSE di CASA
Cose di Casa devotes a nice service to relaxation for the exterior, EGG natural rattan of Novità Home is the protagonist in the garden.

The Wald white Tajine, Sapore & Benessere among the suggested gifts from Sale & Pepe
In the ideal kitchen by Sale & Pepe, Tajine and stoneware pots Sapore & Benessere by Wald, are the protagonists.

Pilvi, the collection S / S on line inwww. Pianeta Donna
To the delight of all the "moms planet", the Pilvi collection Spring / Summer 2016 on www.pianetadonna.it. en, online women's magazine with guides, news and photos of: beauty, couple, kitchen, house, gossip, health and, above all, fashion.

TOSCANA, love stories of other times, the new book by Pierluigi Bacci



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