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Second year, Du escaped from Chang'an, Tang Su-tsung has to inquire into Fengxiang (Shaanxi Fengxiang), arrived Fengxiang see Suzong. At that time, Du Fu has so poor a decent clothes are gone, the body is an exposed elbow Phi broken coat, feet wearing an old pair of hemp shoes. Tang Du trek Suzong defected on the court, expressed appreciation to send him a Zuo Shiyi's office.Zuo Shiyi is remonstrant. Although Du Tang Suzong to this office, can no reuse what he meant. Du was carefully arranges, not long afterwards, the prime minister room Guanxi (sound guǎn) was dismissed Tang Suzong, Du believes room Guanxi very talented, he should recall, got on the memorial to Suzong plain speaking.

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This way Nike Free Tiffany Blue Deals, offended Suzong, thanks to the good things people say in front of Don Suzong, only then he let go home.Chang Tang Jun recaptured later, Du Fu also followed many officials went back to Chang'an. Don Suzong sent him to Washington State (now Shaanxi County) to be managed worship, a minor official school work. Du frustrated with mood came Washington State. At that time, Chang'an and Luoyang, although the government troops recaptured, but not to destroy the rebels Ann history, war is still very intense. Tang Jun, pulling young men everywhere to add strength, the people could not endure to live. One day, after a stone trench Du Village (Shan County in Henan SE), was already very late.

He went to a poor family to spend the night, he received a farmer couple. At midnight, he was tossing and turning can not sleep when suddenly a burst of rapid knock sounded. Du Fu in the room quietly listen, only to hear the old man next door to escape over the back wall, the old lady side promised to open the door side.sent to forced recruitment into the house is the official servants, they snapped yelling, and asked the old lady said: "? your family man gone."old woman with a crying, said: "My three children have gone to war on Ye City, followed by a son just two days before the letter, that the two brothers have died on the battlefield.home only a daughter and grandson feeding. You have what people? "say many cried the old lady, then the officers did not stop. Granny do nothing, but they have been taken away by officers, went to the soldiers to do the hard labor camp.

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light blue nike free runs dawn, Du Fu left the house, bid farewell to the farmer only one person.Du saw this miserable situation, and my heart is very calm, put this thing written poem, called "stone trench Officials." In Washington State, when he, after a total of six wrote this poem, together called the "three officials three different" ("stone trench Officials", "Tongguan officials", "Xin Officials", "Newly-weds", "hanging Do old "," Homeless Do "). Since most of Du Fu's poetry is written in the people's suffering Rebellion, reflecting the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty from the decline of the process, so that people of his poems called "Epic"

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