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The editorial PR and the Press Agency in the furnishings sector and in the fashion world, allow to make the products known and to publish them on all the periodical magazines, feminine and familiar mass-media, on monthly publications regarding furniture and fashion and on specialized reviews, on periodical columns, communicating with the general public of  final consumers and raising awareness among all the sections of the opinion leaders.
A good relationship with the press is one of the pillars of  communication activities and it is often the only communication activity pursued by many companies. Press acts as a resonance box and harmonically binds all initiatives and parts of a project, it leaves a memory that can be used in different ways, expanding consensus and intelligently handling dissent.
A proper and constant relationship with the press is therefore an important aspect of communication activities of any company, because:

  •     it gets and reinforces the image;
  •     it informs and works as a connective tissue for the entire set of actions carried out;
  •     it enlarges the catchment area of the message, takes it throughout different segments of the public: from consumers to influent people, from public opinion to specific operators etc.
The means to obtain quotes, reports, publications stimulating requests for materials, opinions and interviews, to be, in short, a "point of reference" in this subject, are simple but precise.
We must first activate an archive of images and a “literature” of the company through which  the communication strategy can start. The Press Office will  make press kits through which it will be able to make the company and its people, the Brand and its products known.






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