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From advertising to the website without forgetting the press.
Notwithstanding the need to communicate to the public of the final customers, it's just making a planned, conscious and professional communication action that we can be able to reap the results of the invested resources.
Without having to invest large sums, it is possible to give resonance to small and focused budgets, placing side by side the actions of the News-Agency and  the Editorial PR, with institutional and  free editorial advertising pages.

A calibrated advertising plan, harmoniously distributed among the most effective and more in tune with the target audience media, combined with a "right" creativity is the ideal instrument to increase awareness and  market penetration.
The website and the Social can become an effective instrument of journalism and serve to transmit all the pieces of information, news, strategies and events of the company, going deeper, also addressing issues of concrete interest related to the distribution, the market, the expectations of the customers or of the simple admirers so as not to take for granted that everyone knows and is aware of “how much work”, how much passion and knowledge there are behind every object that comes out from a company.
In response to a continually changing market it is also necessary a constant assistance to the outlets in order to periodically update equipment and instruments of communication and display of the Points of Sale, solving problems of introduction and visibility of the product and of information to the final customer.
New images for GIOVANNI RASPINI Jewels

The images of the campaign present the new collections 2014 of Giovanni Raspini
NOVITA' import, is OLTRE LA CASA, over the home
ADV advertorial for EGO
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